Theodore Morrison Manuscript

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OSCAR at The Santa Fe Opera, 2013

Theo and John Cox share a sunny early evening in Santa Fe. After a press conference announcing the co-commissioning of Oscar, the general managers of The Santa Fe Opera and Opera Philadelphia gather with composer, director, and two of the principal singers (from left to right): Charles McKay, David Daniels, Theo Morrison, Heidi Stober, Kevin Newbury, and David Devan. At the first staging rehearsal Kevin Newbury (director) works with David Daniels, Dwayne Croft, and assistant director Louisa Muller as they begin to block the Prologue. Dwayne Croft as Walt Whitman introduces himself from Immortality during the Prologue. David Daniels and Jeanne-Minette Cilliers (principal coach and pianist) with Theo in a celebratory mood after an early rehearsal. Theo and Merlin Holland, Oscar Wilde's grandson, during intermission at a scholarly symposium before the premiere. United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg visits the cast backstage. From left to right: Theo Morrison, William Burden (Frank Harris), Heidi Stober (Ada Leverson), conductor Evan Rogister, Justice Ginsberg, David Daniels (Oscar), Kevin Burdette (Mr Justice Sir Alfred Wills), Aaron Pegram (prison warder), Reed Luplau (Bosie), Dwayne Croft (Walt Whitman). In the nursery Ada and Frank listen to Oscar's refusal to jump bail and flee. Ada comforts Oscar in the nursery apartment of her home. In Ada's nursery Oscar imagines a moment of tenderness with Bosie. Oscar pens a farewell letter to Bosie, whose apparition dances to the immortal text. Oscar fantasizes a waltz with a waiter in a French café, but Bosie is hidden beneath the waiter's disguise. Frank presses Oscar to flee with him to France to avoid sentencing at the end of the trial. Mr Justice Sir Alfred Wills pops up as a Jack-in-the-Box clown as the nursery explodes into a nightmarish mockery of The Old Bailey. Oscar receives the maximum sentence of two years at hard labour. Oscar reacts indignantly to the cruelty of his sentencing. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Sir Alfred Wills (Kevin Burdette) share a collegial moment backstage during intermission after she has declared the opera's mockery of the court to be “spectacular”. Prison warders (Aaron Pegram and Ben Sieverding) menacingly mock Oscar during his arrival in prison. Colonel Henry Isaacson, Governor of Reading Gaol (Kevin Burdette), pronounces the harsh terms and conditions of Oscar's incarceration. Oscar in the prison with fellow inmates just before an execution takes place. Ada visits Oscar in prison near the end of his two years of incarceration. Frank tries to encourage Oscar during a visit to the prison. In one of his darkest hours in Reading Gaol, Oscar remembers a moment of love with Bosie.