Theodore Morrison Manuscript

Letters from Santa Fe

"Dear Theo"

"I must congratulate you again on the success of Oscar. Having 97% sales and 2,000+ people standing and cheering after each of the five Santa Fe Opera performances was certainly a thrill for me and for the whole company. The best part is that we'll get to see the opera again in Philly!"
Charles MacKay (General Director, The Santa Fe Opera)

"Deepest thanks for the great gift of Oscar. What a monumental milestone it was in the history of this Company. I very much look forward to seeing it again in 2015!"
Brad Woolbright (Director of Artistic Administration, The Santa Fe Opera)

"Theo, as you know, collaborating with you on the world premiere of Oscar has been one of the personal and professional highlights of my career. Your talent, kindness, generosity of spirit, and unending willingness to collaborate should serve as a benchmark for composers everywhere. Oscar is a gorgeous, deeply moving piece of music theatre and it reflects your spirit (as well as John Cox's) through and through. Congratulations on a hugely successful premiere in Santa Fe, and my deepest gratitude for all of the hard work you have put into making the piece even stronger for Philadelphia in 2015. Thank you for inviting me into this amazing journey."
Kevin Newbury (Stage Director for The Santa Fe Opera's World Premiere of Oscar, and for Opera Philadelphia's East Coast Premiere in February 2015)

"Bravissimo! Your score is terrific and grows on me more each performance as my ears discover new things, dynamic, passionate, powerful and gorgeous, all at once. And you're very skilled at writing for the 'sweet spot' for each instrument; that is, in such a way where each is most adept, resonant and truly most successful."
Mark Fisher (Principal Trombonist, The Santa Fe Opera Orchestra)

"Congratulations on a simply stunning achievement! As the timpanist of this world premiere I felt as though you channeled all of Oscar's emotions and inflections through the amazing and virtuosic orchestration. The music is suave, exciting, emotional, powerful and intense. Being the first performer of this incredible timpani part was such an honor. It was amazingly challenging, pushing me to my limits musically and technically - a joy to perform. Theo, I am so thankful for your music, your energy, and most of all, your inspiration."
Jeffrey Milarsky (Principal Timpanist, The Santa Fe Opera Orchestra)

Colonel Henry Isaacson, Governor of Reading Gaol (Kevin Burdette), pronounces the harsh terms and conditions of Oscarís incarceration. Colonel Henry Isaacson, Governor of Reading Gaol (Kevin Burdette), pronounces the harsh terms and conditions of Oscar's incarceration.
PHOTO CREDIT: Ken Howard, courtesy of The Santa Fe Opera